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This site is the home page for my forum for juggalo's, maggots and outcasts of mainstream society.

wanna play a game? Find the hidden text on this page HINT: It's never far from where your mouse is pointing. If you find it, post in the guest book what it says and leave your email address.

alright ninjaz, this is the home page where you can find out about me, my homies, and get links to other sites i visit. i'll also include news, bios and pictures of my favorite artists on other pages of this site.

Links to Other Sites

NOTE: Theese sites are not affiliated with this one, they are just sites I reccomend.

OtD's art

Slipknot official site

Otep official site

lord desolators asylum forum

The insane clown posse official site.



psychopathic midget (myself) reserves the right to post any random shit that he pleases. all mp3's and videos that may be on this site were openly available by the artist it came from or purchased by me.. i did not download anything on this site illegally. thanks for your time mudda facko's.