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Slipknot page

Slipknot page

My page dedicated to slipknot. i'll have pics and info up soon.


go to this page to get a preview to slipknot's new live album slipknot-9.0.

slipknot is composed of 9 members, that also are numbered 0-8. here are the members:Full Name: Sid Wilson (#0)
Date of Birth: March 15, 1978
Nickname: DJ Starscream

Full Name: Nathan Jonas Jordison (aka joey jordison, #1)
Date of Birth: April 26, 1975
Nickname: Superball

Full Name: Paul Dedrick Gray (#2)
Date of Birth: April 8, 1972
Nickname: Balls

Full Name: Chris Fehn (#3)
Date of Birth:Feb 24th 1972.
Nickname: Mr.Picklenose (probably because of the long ass nose he has on his mask.)

Full Name: James Root (#4)
Date of Birth: October 2, 1971
Nickname: The Peach

Full Name: Craig Jones (#5)
Date of Birth: February 11
Nickname: 133 (133MHz)

Full Name: Michael Shawn Crahan (#6)
Date of Birth: September 24, 1969
Nickname: Clown (wonder why?)

Full Name: Michael Thomson (#7)
Date of Birth: novenber 3, 1973
Nickname: Log (probably because because he's so huge)

Full Name: Corey Taylor (#8)
Date of Birth: December 8, 1973
Nickname: The Great Big Mouth (probably because he screams so well night after night and never feints.) info from with added input from psychopathic midget.

SlipKnoT is universally reguarded as one of the worlds best live performers and metal bands. Rightly so in my opinion. Theese guys are hard core, bad assed headbangers from hell. Their first two solid albums (SlipKnoT, IOWA) are their hardest albums. With fast pace hard hitting tracks that scream with anger like Heretic Anthem, Spit It Out, Liberate, Disasterpeices, Everything Ends and many more, they have solidified themselves as one of todays heviest, greatest metal bands. Their first album, an experimental one, named Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat (MFKR) featured Alex Anderson (I think that's his name) for vocals. The album is out of print, only 1,000 copies were made. I have downloaded the album, great album. I reccomend getting Do Nothing/Bitch Slap and gently. They're good tracks, and show how undeveloped they were, but you'll have to download them yourself, unless you got the album at hand, in wich case, I salute you. The whole album is great actually. Strange, but great. Their most recent album Volume 3: The Subliminal Verses was softend a bit, but still a great release. Pulse Of The Maggots is an anthem, Before I Forget just kicked ass, and they went into a whole new sound with songs like Circle, Vermillion, Vermillion Part 2, The Nameless and The Virius Of Life. Those have a whole new sound to them, if it didn't say SlipKnoT on the album you wouldn't even know those were SlipKnoT songs. They recently won a Grammy for Best Metal Performance. About fucking time!! They've been nominated every year since they released SlipKnoT and didn't win. The only thing I'm displeased about is they didn't get it untill they released some softer shit. So I felt they just won a popularity contest. Their live album 9.0 Live was nothing short of fantastic. Though you could hear Corey's voice getting high pitched due to the massive strain all the touring has had on him, it just shows they are that dedicated to their fans. I mean, come on, they toured for damn near a year straight! That's hundreds of wonderful performances they gave to us. They've shown their dedication to their fans in 9.0 Live at the end of the song Duality. Corey showed to the fans the bands accomplishments of gold and platinum albums and singles before thanking them for it all. A tip of the hat to SlipKnoT for being one of tose greats that never forget their fans put them where they are and for being one of the few bands that acheive a mainstream status without sellig out, or listening to corporate ass holes. Nothing but positive things for me to say about them, I wish them the best of luck, nothing but happyness and success with their music and families. Keep kicking ass guys!

Download MFKR here for free and leagal download!

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