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ok, i made some updates, now i got music to play on certain pages and i added a couple new sections. soon i'll update the band pages with news about them, my point of view about them and shit of that sort.

Ok, yesterday was mah b-day. Happy b-day ter me har har. I put up Anthrax & Public Enemy- Bring The Noise on the home page.  That's it, peace and Klan heads.

it's me again fuck holes, and i got to say it's been boring as a mother fucker. i thought of adding some new media and shit, but i used most of my disk space. but i will clue you in on some fresh ass videos from a dude that's known as kontrold kaos on the web. he edits some video clips together and puts a track to them. they contain police beatings, ass whoopings, shoot outs, explosions, war footage etc. theese vids are fresh as fuck and i advise you to get a hold of his ass and have him send them to ya or else... ok, so i can't really do anything to you on the internet so just get the damn video. email him at and ask for gruesome ass vids. i suggest asking for the deicide one. peace and klan heads- psychopathic midget

Alright, i havn't done anywork on this since the holidays, i've had a lot of shit on my plate (not literally ya dumb fuck). for one i've been trying to get a hold of player x, some dude i got problems with. i've screwed up his forum, but it's up now. well he told me to go to twd forums to get in touch, and they banned me, so i'm shit outta luck for now. there's other things, but that shit's private. hope you had a nice xmas (or kwanza or chunaka or whatever) and a decent newyears.
peace and klan heads- psychopathic midget

psychopathic midget (myself) reserves the right to post any random shit that he pleases. all mp3's and videos that may be on this site were openly available by the artist it came from or purchased by me.. i did not download anything on this site illegally. thanks for your time mudda facko's.